How To Report Spam Text Messages

Is your inbox always clogged up by unwanted text messages? Are you a victim of spam text messages? Well, this article will help you understand all you want to know about reporting spam text messages and how The Text Message Lawyers can help you recover up to $1500 per violation.

What are Spam Text Messages?

Spam text messages refer to unwanted and unsolicited text messages that are usually disguised in the form of ads, special offers and money related services that you never consented for to be informed about. For instance, many spam messages would ask you to “click on this link” or “redeem this offer”, all the while tricking you to reveal your personal identity or information.

How to Report Spam Text Messages?

If you are constantly harassed by spam text messages that take up most of the space in your inbox, then you have all the right to get them reported. The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA) provides you with a platform to report spam text messages and get rid of the nuisance caused by them in your work and personal life.

All you need to do to report a spammer using this platform is to forward the spam message received by you to 7726. After you send the message, you will be asked for some more detailed information, like the phone number of the spam text message sender.

How Can a Spam Text Lawyer Help Recover your Claim?

Hiring a spam text messages lawyer is one of the most effective and quickest ways to settle your spam text messages claim. As the Telephonic Consumer Protection Act or TCPA Law puts up a penalty for any violations made through unsolicited text messages; your TCPA lawyer can assist you to recover your claim.

These penalties over violation generally range between $500 and $1500 per violation. And in order to get your spam text messages claim, there is no better way that to hire a professional spam text messages lawyer near you.

Things to Remember After You Have Been Spammed with Unwanted Text Messages

If you ever plan on hiring a professional Spam Text Messages Lawyer to recover your claims, here are a few things that you must follow to provide your lawyer with all the information he/she might need to settle the claim:

  • Preserve the Spam Text Message for Future Evidence

If you really want to stop receiving spam text messages and take a legal action against their course, then you must have actual evidence to prove the guilty. It is recommended that you take a screenshot of the spam text message and save it in your email for any future reference. So, even if you lose your phone, or delete the message; you will still have evidence to recover your claim.

  • Make Sure to Keep a Record of the Sender’s Number

In order to get your spam text message claim, you not just need to keep the text message safe, but also have the sender’s number from which the message was delivered to you. This is really important, because in order to help recover your claim, your lawyer will need to know the source from where it is coming.

  • Pass on each and every detail of the Spam Number & Text to your Lawyer

Once you have figured out your spam text messages lawyer, you must hand over all the information pertaining the text message and sender that you have with you. Only with complete information, your lawyer will be able to help recover your spam text message claims.

The Text Message Lawyers

You must never underestimate the potential harm a spam text message can do to your personal identity and information. Where on one hand, a spam text message can rob you off your critical personal and financial information on the other hand it can even install malware on your device.

Make sure to void clicking on seemingly risky links that you receive through spam text messages, as these are what trick you to be spammed in the first place. Apart from that, you must never share important information like; account details, passwords and bank details asked on text messages, as no reputed company would ask you to provide any such information for their needs.

Still, you find yourself to be a victim of spam text messages; you can always report them to an authorized party and seek claim recovery with the help of your spam text messages lawyer.

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