Receiving Spam Text? How Did They Get My Number?

There is nothing worse than an endless barrage of spam text messages. This unwanted SMS spam is a barrage of garbage that clogs up your phone. It can prevent you from receiving the messages you desire from your family and friends. It can even lead to you accidentally downloading viruses and other forms of malware. If you are ready to put a stop to unwanted spam texts, we can show you how. Stop Spam Text Today – Your first step is to report them as infringements of the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act).

How Did SMS Spam Senders Get My Number?

Spam text messaging is a tactic that unscrupulous people engage in all over the world. There are many ways that they can get your number. You may have signed up to receive email or text messages from a certain web store. They may have turned around and sold off their entire marketing list to another party. Your phone may recently have been hacked and your info made available to certain individuals who specialize in spam text messaging. The result is the same: Your phone is suddenly filled with these unwanted spam texts. Contact The Text Message Lawyers to Stop Spam Text today!

Is it Legal to Engage in Spam Text Messaging?

People who specialize in sending unsolicited text messages aren’t generally concerned about the legality of their actions. The parties who are clogging up your phone with unwanted spam texts may not even be based in this country. As a result, the best way to stop spam text harassment is to report it to a lawyer in Miami who can bring the matter to the attention of the authorities. These violations of the TCPA need to be reported as soon as they occur so that action can be taken.

Why is it So Important to Report Spam Text Messages? Stop Spam Text Today

There are many reasons why you should report spam text messages to the authorities as soon as possible. These are direct violations of the TCPA and should be treated as such. People are out there making millions of dollars by making people like you afraid to answer their phones. This is an outrage that deserves to be addressed and done away with. If you are sick of receiving unsolicited text messages in Miami, you need to hire a lawyer who can take your case to court. This is your best bet to bring an end to this barrage of harassment once and for all. Contact The Text Message Lawyers at Shamis & Gentile, P.A. to Stop Spam Text today and receive up to $1,500.00 per spam text!