Spam Text Message & Robo Calls Investigation

There are very few things as annoying as unsolicited text messages and various forms of spam text message contact through sales promotion calls and cell phone texts. Text messages are not quite as intrusive, but still can be a problem nonetheless. Robocalls are surely as troublesome because they typically require immediate attention from the moment of the call. The truth about these telephone calls and spam text messaging contacts is that the individual being messaged must approve of the contact, but this stipulation is also one that callers do not always respect. The final result often is that the individual receiving the call must actually resort to legal action when the calls will not stop and the harassment continues. Luckily, there are attorneys available like the legal professionals at Shamis & Gentile, the spam text message lawyers, for those who are being continually interrupted throughout the day without authorization.

Report Your Spam Text Message 

Many people see an unsolicited text message on their cell phone and merely delete it as though there is no harm. This is especially typical with spam text messages. This action in many ways actually contributes to the problem, as telemarketers actually do not expect a message recipient to do otherwise. However, when you report an unsolicited text message it can often result in being compensated for the aggravation associated with having to stop your day and answer the call almost by demand. The beginning of being compensated is reporting the calls to an attorney who can conduct a full investigation into what is actually transpiring, including the legality of the contacts

What is TCPA?

The Consumer Protection Act of 1991 is what changed all of this activity on the internet and cell phone services by restricting how a telemarketer may contact any prospective sales lead. It is intended to allow the common phone carrier to maintain their privacy. The problem is that sales personnel often do not consider the rights of the recipient who may potentially spend money for a specific product. The TCPA allows those affected to retain legal counsel like those at Shamis & Gentile who can conduct a full investigation into the communication harassment.

The Spam Text Message Lawyers

While robocalls and other forms of SMS spam can seem harmless, it takes action from those receiving the spam text message to report the issue and stop the practice. Always call an experienced electronic messaging attorney like the legal pros at Shamis & Gentile.