Do You Get Spam Text? You May Be Eligible for Compensation

Do you get SPAM Text? You may be eligible for compensation. “Kill two birds with one stone” – 1. Stop SPAM text messages and 2. Get paid. Contact a SPAM Text Message Lawyer Today!

SPAM Time is Money

You have a job where the employer pays you for your time, right? That is what the law demands. Nothing is free. You are not a slave, you are a free person who can and must be paid for your time. You give your time to your employer and he compensates you. Then, what should you get when you receive unsolicited text messages? Doesn’t that waste your time? Of course it does. SPAM text messaging is not legal. The government has actually created a process where you can be paid and the Spammer can be fined. The TCPA has established a fine for any marketer that continues to send unwanted text messages. So, what should you do to get this money?

Report SPAM Text Messages

Keep good records of all correspondence with the Spammer. When you receive an SMS SPAM, take a screenshot of the text message and send it to us at 1-833-TXT-SPAM or 1-833-898-7726.   The phone company can even track these unsolicited calls, if necessary. Politely, tell the marketer that you would like to be removed from his list. Record the response of the marketer. Does he promise to remove you from his list? Then, if the marketer SPAMs again, you can tell him that you will report spam text messages. You have politely communicated your lack of interest in what the marketer was selling. After that, you can report unsolicited text message to the TCPA. If you are unsure about the details, we can help.

SPAM Text Message Lawyer

We, at the Law firm of Shamis & Gentile P.A. are looking out for you. We want you to have peace of mind. We want you to be properly compensated for your time and energy. We have just the right SPAM text message lawyer for you. Our SPAM text message lawyer will file an unsolicited text messages lawsuit. With Shamis & Gentile P.A. there are NO fees or expenses unless a recovery is obtained. “Kill two birds with one stone” to end unsolicited SPAM text messages today. Call the Law firm of Shamis & Gentile P.A. at 305-479-2299 or request a free case review online.